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I went looking for all the Supernatural Big Bang challenges I could find. Here are the best resources I used to compile my list!

Multifandom: -Multifandom LJ community; list in profile. - Multifandom DW community; list tagged “admin: index post.” -Updated list by mod of the DW comm, included big, reverse, & a few mini; current, defunct, and deleted; and (readers sit up!) masterlists for each round for each challenge! Almost entirely challenges on LJ/DW. -Wendy is the mod for by far the longest-running and biggest SPN Bang out there! Her list is multifandom, LJ only, big bangs only. It also includes comms which were never active.
-Browse tags for challenges! Once you’re in the Works of a tag, you can look for if it says “Collections: 1″ in between “Chapters:” and “Comments:” under a story. This is honestly easier than trying to search for a collection in the first place. Mods, take note: prominently link to your AO3 collection so people can find it! -Multifandom collaborative effort on Tumblr! Has Google Doc sheets for several fandoms, challenges both lj-based and tumblr-based, go help!

Supernatural Only: -Supernatural Doc from the Big Bang Blog Project (above). Mind you check the tags on the bottom, the first list you see is not all there is! -Reddit thread, SPN specific: scroll down for more links. -List of Dean/Cas friendly challenges (not just bangs) run by the mod of the Dean/Cas Big Bang. -Supernatural bangs and other challenges, current only (active in the past year as of 2016). -Good overview of different challenge types with non-exhaustive examples within SPN. A few years out of date; updating it with current information is next on my to-do list!

Hope this is useful. Without all the hard work done by everybody who worked on these lists, I couldn’t have gotten anywhere close to what I was able to do with mine!

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Ever wonder how many big-bang-style challenges Supernatural fandom really has?

Various people have compiled various lists and posted them in various places. Trust me, I have a list of these lists. Everyone also defines the parameters of their search a little differently. Personally, I chose to look for past and present SPN Bang challenges, and then I made a spreadsheet with info about each bang. There are 70+ entries on it.

I included big bangs, mini bangs, reverse bangs, and the herculean mega bang. I did not include other kinds of fic challenges, such as gift exchanges, flashfic or drabble communities. What makes a bang a bang? Read more... )

My Google Spreadsheet of SPN Big (and otherwise) Bang Challenges!

Anyone can comment directly into the document or contact me with additional information or suggestions! Feel free to link to this from anywhere you like as well. Note that there are a couple new challenges with author sign-ups closing TODAY, August 31!

ETA: Fun with filters! The awesome thing about speadsheets is that you can sort all the data any way you like! Here’s a quick rundown of possibly-useful information.

Even if you don’t have editing privileges on a Google Doc, you can still sort columns. It won’t permanently change the doc or impact the way others are seeing it if they’re viewing it at the same time as you. All you do is mouse over the top of a column where it says “A” (I don't think it's possible from a phone) and a little arrow will appear for you to click on. So if you’re an artist, feel free to sort by ‘artist signups,’ or if you just like reading everything as soon as it comes out, sort by ‘posting starts.’ The default way I have the Doc sorted is first I sort by ‘status,’ then by ‘writing signups,’ then by ‘latest round.’ This means that the doc will be sorted primarily by the year of the latest round, then by the month writers should sign up in, then by status.

I renamed challenges which haven’t yet gone a round from “new” to “virgin,” not just for amusement, but so we could have an alphabetical list: Closed, Deleted, Dormant, Hiatus, Polling, Ongoing, Virgin. Is that not sweet? You can sort by that, or alphabetically by name, etc. Play around, have fun, and when you’d like to go back to the standard view, just ‘X’ out of the dark gray filter bar.

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I've not had much to say lately, but welcome to Dreamwidth, everyone from LJ who's freshly exploring! I'm probably going to continue crossposting everything; I haven't had time to read up very completely on the latest round of all of LJ's sins, but I just subscribed to some folks and please do feel free to drop a line (no matter how long it's been) if I haven't gotten around to adding you back! I'm excited to see more SPN communities getting active on Dreamwidth, too!
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Title: Desert Driven
Fandom/Genre: SPN, angst, AU
Pairing: Sam/Amy
Rating: G
Word Count: 9,500
Warnings: DIY surgery, child endangerment
Summary: Sam's been growing horns since he was a baby. His family tries to keep him undiscovered and safe, from hunters and humans alike, but will Sam allowed be allowed to grow up neither monster or normal?
Notes: I got to work with the lovely and talented [ profile] lennelle for the [ profile] spn_reversebang. She drew gorgeous artwork of Sam with horns, and I got to write a story based on it!

Also thanks to [ profile] dragonflybeach for answering my car questions, and [ profile] gatorgurl94 for beta duty!

AO3 | FF.N

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I've done very little the past month that I've meant to get done, but one thing that I really oughtn't have let slide this long is to squee about the lovely, wonderful [ profile] spn_j2_xmas gift that [ profile] dugindeep made for me!!! She wrote a deliciously happy Jensen/Jared/Danneel/Genevieve turn-taking free-for-all, and I adore it to the utmost! Go admire it here!

I should also mention, I've been avoiding writing challenges almost the entire time I've been in fandom due to feeling like I could never succeed at them, but this was a really positive and fun first experience at signing up and doing one, and not only am I doing a second one now, I'm optimistic I'll be signing up for more in the future, yay!
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The Misadventure(s) of Sam
For [ profile] milly_gal, my first time participating in the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas!

Wordcount: 4,300
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: alcohol and motor vehicles, swearing, bit of kinky talk at the end
Season: set vaguely mid-10—post demon!Dean, Mark of Cain still on Dean

Pairing/Genre: Sam/Dean…I've never written wincest before: do people still say ‘preslash?’ I thought I'd dibble my toes with some gencest, but it's not really gen anymore after my lovely beta [ profile] dancing_adrift told me to write it properly, now!

Prompt: Sam's jealous of Dean's relationship with Crowley and tries to prove he's just as 'dark'.

Bonus: Jared/Misha behind-the-scenes outtake ficlet: I sent Milly a Jared/Misha question through the mod, but then the Sam prompt ran away with me, so—enjoy 169 words!

Link to fic on AO3


Read more... )

Bonus Jared/Misha silliness:

Read more... )
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I'm gonna be a little snarky. Here we go.

All last season (after Charlie's death, tbh) I had a resolution to either skip or turn my emotions and my brain off for all episodes written by Bucklemming. I did not manage to skip any but resolving to have the lowest possible expectations at all times was immensely helpful and I highly recommend it. (I did not entirely succeed at not getting pissed off at all, but it was a very manageable level mostly confined to the midseason finale and the half-dozen fix-its required for 11x21.)

On a related note, they said on an episode commentary once that they each write half of each episode, and guys, I have started reliably picking up on the two distinct voices. One of these is actually a reasonably competent writer. The other is not. I will leave it for the reader to speculate which is which, since I don't know for sure.

But the first half of this ep was clearly badly written. I will admit it caught me a little off-gaurd, since they customarily do the third episode of each season. So without further ado: things which I would have been upset about had I chosen to bother to be upset about anything after seeing the "Written by…" credit, A Non-Exhaustive List:

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1. How long have you been on LiveJournal?

Since 2004. I took a break for a few years and only recently came back for SPN though!

2. How did you come up with your online name(s)? Does it have any special meaning?

It's a combination of my RL names, which I decided would be my fandom name… god, I don't know. From when I first started posting forum comments on Sugar Quill and Fiction Alley, I guess, back in the Three-Year-Summer of Harry Potter fandom going nuts in the absence of fresh canon!

3. Why did you join LJ?

There was Harry/Ron/Hermione fic here, and I was on a mission to read all of it in existence!

4. What do you like about it? What keeps you active here?

People have conversations with each other about writing and fanfic. No place else like it!

5. Do you remember what made you add me as a friend? If so, what was it?


6. Where in the world do you live? (Feel free to be as specific/unspecific as you'd like, lol. I just like seeing how far spread my online friends are :))

Not far from [ profile] dancing_adrift! Psst, hey friend, we should get coffee sometime!

7. Tell me one random/happy/good thing about your day! :)

It has not been strenuous, and I had caramel apple pie at lunch!
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Well, if everyone else is ficcing the premier, here's my little addition!

Episode tag, 12x01 (spoilers), gen, 366 words, Mary & Dean.

Mary, Violence, Strangers )
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I am so ridiculously happy! [ profile] stormbrite made art for one of my stories! It's the first time this has ever happened, and I'm still a little awestruck that the [ profile] quicky_bang community even exists and makes things like this happen!

The story is Send These Tempest Toss'd To Me and it's a standalone—within my John Winchester: In Defense of Family series—consisting entirely of feel-good fluff, young Winchester boys, and how awesome libraries are.

The art is an utterly delightful picspam of the above, and you can admire it here!
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Title: Drifters
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Amelia
Wordcount: 2,800 (11,275 total)
Summary:Amelia's fucked up. The creepy drifter isn't scaring her off.
Sam's barely holding. His choices are terrible or epically terrible.
Together, they're . . . no, still really fucked up.

Chapter notes: Whew! Sorry it has taken me such an extremely long time to finish this story. Huge thanks to [ profile] nomercles for betaing this chapter and repeatedly telling me she liked it. Hope you enjoy!

There's a little residual Amelia PoV at the beginning of this chapter, mucking up the neat turn-taking schematic. She's rude like that, what can I say?

Link to Chapters 1–5 on LJ
Link to fic on AO3
Or click the cut here. )

A sequel is a possibility, especially if anyone encourages me. ;)
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I've been in the writing groove lately! In honor of which, yesterday I downloaded a writing app, Werdsmith, to use instead of the Notes app on my phone.

Mostly I got sick of using the c&p into method, especially considering how buggy my WiFi has been the past few weeks. So now I have an app basically just to count my words for me. XD

As I went through Notes, pulling out old outlines and incomplete fics to put in my shiny new app, I found a Leverage fic there from 2011, the next best thing to complete! I adore the show Leverage: if you like team bonding, steal-from-the-rich-for-the-poor, and competence!Porn, you would probably adore it too. Also, there is a great OT3 (although this fic is OT5 if anything) and lots of heist shenanigans. Plus Christian Kane (friend of Jensen Ackles, for my SPN peeps) plays an awesome character!

Anyways, I added a few hundred words and polished a bit, and now, here you go!

Title: The Hardest Job
Rating: Teen
Length: 1,340 words
Warnings: Past Child Death
Relationship: Team as Family
Summary: Parker thinks they should adopt. Can she convince her team it's not as crazy as it sounds?

Link to AO3

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Comments are loved inordinately!
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I just finished Drifters. Typed 'The End' and everything. Still need to reread this last chapter, reread the entire fic and make sure it matches and flows and doesn't have plot holes or consistency problems, before posting it, but holy cow I actually finished something. I've been working on this for so long it's really a weird feeling; I'm such a slow writer, even though the entire fic is only ~11,000 words, that's still probably the longest fic I've ever actually finished. Right now I don't even care about the ideas for a sequel I have: the point is, this fic is done. I got it there. It took me well over a year and it's entirely possible no one else will love it, but I got it out into the world. (Mostly. 2,810 words still need to be reviewed, edited, and posted. But they will be. The doubtful part, the 'will I sit down and write' part, that's finished!)

This fic is my baby and way back when the idea first started growing, I was like, nobody will want this. I'm deliberately trying to find value in the least liked ship in the show. Maybe two people on the entire Internet will actually think this is their jam. For a long time I wasn't even going to write it: like, wouldn't it be nice if somebody else would just write it for me? But I'd managed to hit on something obscure enough no one else was doing it. (Sidenote: if they are and I somehow missed it, please effin' tell me!!)

And then after the S10 finale, events were such that I couldn't not write it. It had to get out into the world, whether people wanted to read it or not.

And here's the catch: writing it was so far beyond my comfort zone, even though I've been reading all the Internet's filthiest porn for years, that I can't ask people to read it. It's, in part, meant to disturb, and not even in ways that are about the porn. And I have warnings on it, but unless I know someone is already into the Internet's filthiest porn, the last thing I want is for someone to cross their boundaries of what they're comfortable reading because I asked. And I don't even know if I'm being objective about it (I know I'm not) and maybe it's not nearly as bad as I think. Or maybe it's worse. I don't know.

The comments and feedback I have gotten on it mean the world to me; I cuddle them close to my chest and love them inordinately.

Tl;dr I have such feels about this fic and I am kind of an insecure mess about it, but if you'd like to beta the last chapter, or just let me ramble about it to you, or tell me things about it, yes even things that don't work for you or need fixing, I am in need of any and every kind of interaction and would love you endlessly for it!

Drifters (The Fucked-Up Sam/Amelia Fic You Never Knew You Wanted)

Fic link AO3:

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Title: Drifters
Rating: super fucked up (NC-17)
Pairing: Sam/Amelia
Wordcount: 8,500
Summary:Amelia's fucked up. The creepy drifter isn't scaring her off.
Sam's barely holding. His choices are terrible or epically terrible.
Together, they're . . . no, still really fucked up.

Notes: I accidentally challenged myself to make the Sam/Amelia storyline work.

This is the most ambitious and hardest thing I have ever written and I feel very accomplished to have done it. Muchos thanks to my lovely beta [ profile] wtgw for helping wrestle Chapter Five into shape and being incredibly encouraging! There will be an epilogue; there may be a sequel, if my mojo doesn't flee.

Warnings: Undernegotiated serial killer kink. Unsafe everything. Woobie!Sam fans - beware.

Link to AO3
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My reaction to 11x21 'All In the Family' consisted of: I can work with this.

Time For a Prophet
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1,400
Characters: Kevin Tran, Chuck, Donatello
Warnings: language you hear on the show. Plus torture, as on the show.
Summary: This last episode needed a little more Kevin to make it work.
Also, in which I take utterly shameless advantage of not having heard Donatello's last name from his own lips.

Read on AO3! Read on ff.n! Reblog on Tumblr? (no I still don't understand Tumblr but I'm trying k)

Offering an Arm
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 1,400
Characters: Dean, Amara, Sam
Warnings: villiany, feels
Summary: Amara gets real with Dean. Later, Dean and Sam compare archfoe relationships.
Or, what if 11x21 All In the Family had explored a few more emotions?

Read on AO3! Read on ff.n! Retweet! Tumblrog!

Comments welcomed and loved anywhere. ♥
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So I've been busy! My first Supernatural fic, Children Know That Dragons Exist, turned into a multipart series featuring John Winchester Not Being an Asshole, which took me a year because I'm a super-slow writer (and also sometimes a constipated perfectionist) but I just finished and posted the last part!

You can read it on AO3 or I recommend AO3 because it strings all six parts into a series for me, while on ff.n it turned into a four-chapter fic and two "stand-alones" for no particularly coherent reason.

Clicky links and summaries )

Comments are so welcome here, there, or anywhere! I'd love hearing from you!
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Hey, I wrote fic! Not only that, I posted to AO3 for the first time yesterday! Hit counts are addicting, y'all.

Not a Terminal Diagnosis

Gen, 900 words, Sam and Dean talk about feelings, episode tag for 10x16 Paint It Black.

Summary: Dean got all introspective with the Catholic nun and priest. It figures that he's more disturbed by the Mark of Cain's immortality clause than he ever was by the prospect of dying.

Link to AO3
Link to ff.n
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I resisted SPN for eight years, people. Then it ate me. This is the first fic I've written in a long time, and I'd love to get some people's reactions, maybe even a beta, before posting it to AO3.

Children Know That Dragons Exist

4,100 words, gen, set right after the fire that killed Mary.

Summary: Someone threw John Winchester into a horror story when he wasn't watching. Mary freaks out, too. )

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