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White Collar ficlet

So, the latest greatest thing to consume my brain is White Collar. Go ahead and guess why. In honor of which, and after watching ep 2x15 Power Play, 


Sara looks at Neal, that sharp look back in her eyes. "I know you had another reason for kissing me, Neal."


Neal lets a lot of breath out, and surrenders. "All right. I spent the evening going on a date with El so that Peter could pretend to be a thief-for-hire, which he capped off by picking my pocket, and I haven't been this turned on for years. And I would bet you your Raphael that Peter and El are having sex tonight in which my name will come up at least once." He flopped backwards on the couch. "Probably ever," he added thoughtfully. "I am the most turned on I have ever been, and you were there and beautiful and . . ."


He pauses, and Sara fills in the gap. "Available?"


"Permissable," he corrects her, and she forgets the small amount of pique she'd been holding at the touch of misery in his voice.


"You usually wouldn't let a word like that stop you," she observed. "That scared of going back to prison?"


He makes a quick brushing motion. "That's the least of what there is to lose. Peter's job. Their reputation. The self-respect of everyone involved in the whole big mess." He turns to look at her, pins her with his gaze. "Sara, I'm used to playing with high stakes, but I only do it when I'm confident I can win. This . . . I don't know how it would even be possible, for long."


She does the only thing she can think of to do, and reaches out to fold him into her arms and hold him.

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