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1. How long have you been on LiveJournal?

Since 2004. I took a break for a few years and only recently came back for SPN though!

2. How did you come up with your online name(s)? Does it have any special meaning?

It's a combination of my RL names, which I decided would be my fandom nameā€¦ god, I don't know. From when I first started posting forum comments on Sugar Quill and Fiction Alley, I guess, back in the Three-Year-Summer of Harry Potter fandom going nuts in the absence of fresh canon!

3. Why did you join LJ?

There was Harry/Ron/Hermione fic here, and I was on a mission to read all of it in existence!

4. What do you like about it? What keeps you active here?

People have conversations with each other about writing and fanfic. No place else like it!

5. Do you remember what made you add me as a friend? If so, what was it?


6. Where in the world do you live? (Feel free to be as specific/unspecific as you'd like, lol. I just like seeing how far spread my online friends are :))

Not far from [ profile] dancing_adrift! Psst, hey friend, we should get coffee sometime!

7. Tell me one random/happy/good thing about your day! :)

It has not been strenuous, and I had caramel apple pie at lunch!

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