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More SPN fic, holy crap

So I've been busy! My first Supernatural fic, Children Know That Dragons Exist, turned into a multipart series featuring John Winchester Not Being an Asshole, which took me a year because I'm a super-slow writer (and also sometimes a constipated perfectionist) but I just finished and posted the last part!

You can read it on AO3 or I recommend AO3 because it strings all six parts into a series for me, while on ff.n it turned into a four-chapter fic and two "stand-alones" for no particularly coherent reason.

Part one: Children Know That Dragons Exist (on
Rated Teen, gen, 4100 words

Someone threw John Winchester into a horror story when he wasn't watching. Mary freaks out, too.

Part Two: So I'll Be With You When You Dream
Rated General, 370 words

If Mary could share any last words with Dean, what would they be?

Part Three: Singer Salvage & Babysitting (on ff.n)
General, 800 words

Seriously, who looks at a junkyard mechanic and part-time hunter of the paranormal and thinks oh, childcare services?

In which Bobby is grumpy and John is protective.

Part four: To Arrive Where We Started
Teen, 2000 words

"We're all in danger, Dean. Be very careful."

John hasn't been back to Lawrence in twenty-two years for good reason.

Part five: Send These Tempest-Toss'd To Me (on ff.n)
General, 2000 words

The library was always the first place John stopped at, in every new town.

Basically Sam and Dean spent a lot of time in them, and their childhoods weren't totally awful.

Part six: Dragons Can Be Killed
Teen for language, 1500 words

Sam used to get mad at his dad for everything, all the time, when he was growing up.

Sam was so naive.

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