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I've not had much to say lately, but welcome to Dreamwidth, everyone from LJ who's freshly exploring! I'm probably going to continue crossposting everything; I haven't had time to read up very completely on the latest round of all of LJ's sins, but I just subscribed to some folks and please do feel free to drop a line (no matter how long it's been) if I haven't gotten around to adding you back! I'm excited to see more SPN communities getting active on Dreamwidth, too!
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Hello! Nice to see people I know over here.

Do you have any recs for the SPN communities?
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Thanks. I know there's one, supernaturalfanfic, which was the spn_fic on LJ, are currently porting. I already subscribe to the news one, and there has already been some interesting stuff on it. I might have to do a bit of a comm search and see what fandoms are on here.