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I went looking for all the Supernatural Big Bang challenges I could find. Here are the best resources I used to compile my list!

Multifandom: -Multifandom LJ community; list in profile. - Multifandom DW community; list tagged “admin: index post.” -Updated list by mod of the DW comm, included big, reverse, & a few mini; current, defunct, and deleted; and (readers sit up!) masterlists for each round for each challenge! Almost entirely challenges on LJ/DW. -Wendy is the mod for by far the longest-running and biggest SPN Bang out there! Her list is multifandom, LJ only, big bangs only. It also includes comms which were never active.
-Browse tags for challenges! Once you’re in the Works of a tag, you can look for if it says “Collections: 1″ in between “Chapters:” and “Comments:” under a story. This is honestly easier than trying to search for a collection in the first place. Mods, take note: prominently link to your AO3 collection so people can find it! -Multifandom collaborative effort on Tumblr! Has Google Doc sheets for several fandoms, challenges both lj-based and tumblr-based, go help!

Supernatural Only: -Supernatural Doc from the Big Bang Blog Project (above). Mind you check the tags on the bottom, the first list you see is not all there is! -Reddit thread, SPN specific: scroll down for more links. -List of Dean/Cas friendly challenges (not just bangs) run by the mod of the Dean/Cas Big Bang. -Supernatural bangs and other challenges, current only (active in the past year as of 2016). -Good overview of different challenge types with non-exhaustive examples within SPN. A few years out of date; updating it with current information is next on my to-do list!

Hope this is useful. Without all the hard work done by everybody who worked on these lists, I couldn’t have gotten anywhere close to what I was able to do with mine!

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I've done very little the past month that I've meant to get done, but one thing that I really oughtn't have let slide this long is to squee about the lovely, wonderful [ profile] spn_j2_xmas gift that [ profile] dugindeep made for me!!! She wrote a deliciously happy Jensen/Jared/Danneel/Genevieve turn-taking free-for-all, and I adore it to the utmost! Go admire it here!

I should also mention, I've been avoiding writing challenges almost the entire time I've been in fandom due to feeling like I could never succeed at them, but this was a really positive and fun first experience at signing up and doing one, and not only am I doing a second one now, I'm optimistic I'll be signing up for more in the future, yay!

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